Tola L. is PurposefullyPretty


When asked who she was, Tola L. described herself to be creative. She is a marketing genius turned faux educator. She is a gyrl wonder on a mission to shift the culture. Tola L. is a Pace University graduate with a degree in English Communications and a minor in Marketing. She interned at Jive and EPIC records and MTV while in college. Currently, Tola is straying away from traditional marketing to a career in education. She states that she is taking some time to “kick the truth to the young black youth; word to Wu Tang”. In her current position she is helping young people  with their transition from high school to college; from college to beyond. From good to great!

In addition to her regular job as Assistant Director of College Success at a high school in Brooklyn, she runs a non-profit called Gyrl Wonder. Gyrl Wonder’s mission is to provide and cultivate resources while teaching girls (ages 13 to 18) how to leverage those tools to facilitate their personal and professional goals. The program targets forward thinking young women seeking to identify and explore their purpose through mentorship and objective alignment. Tola also curates a dinner series called ReservationFor 10 for college students interested in a career in media!

Despite being faced with challenges, self-doubt, self-sabotages, tests upon tests, and failures, Tola found a way to overcome it all. Despite the challenges that she experienced she made it through and is thriving in her purpose today.

When asked what makes her PurposefullyPretty, Tola states “Pretty is a funny word. We think of pretty in the “physical”. I think of pretty as in the soul. My soul is beautiful. I know it is. Its full of determination, beauty, restored faith and today, my soul is 95% clear on its purpose. That makes me PurposefullyPretty!”



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