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PurposefullyPretty 2 Year Anniversary!


Prom drives, prom makeover contests, after school program, monthly empowerment workshops, Empowering Our Youth summit, #Dream #Plan #Pursue luncheon, workshops in high schools, breast cancer walk, one-to-one mentorship, #IAmPurposefullyPretty campaign and talent show event are just a few things that we have done in the last 2 years. PurposefullyPretty is turning 2 years old & the PP team is filled with much excitement. This organization started off as a blog site and evolved into an organization that has impacted & changed the lives of many! Who’s going to celebrate with us? Join us on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 4pm as our #PurposefullyPretty girls host our 2 year event! Please see flier for all necessary details! We absolutely CANNOT WAIT for this event & to see all of your beautiful (and handsome) faces!!🌺🌺

Verona Young is PurposefullyPretty

“Growing up in Southside Jamaica Queens exposed me to several unique experiences throughout my 24 years of existence. I dreamt of becoming a physician at a young age. It seemed impossible to chase my dreams with the limited resources in my neighborhood. As a result, I registered for what seemed to be the next best thing, the two year nursing program at Queensborough Community College. However, after much thought, I denied my acceptance into the program to pursue my real passion despite the rocky road ahead. Today, I am a second year medical student at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. My journey thus far has not always been one of tranquility, but I have and will continue to persevere.

I credit most of my success thus far to my parents. Being raised in a Caribbean-American household taught me a wide range of values that guided me when faced with the pressures of my community. My father taught me how to endure tough times by emphasizing that ‘Giving up is not an option’. Not only did he set an example for me through his career journey, but his strict, disciplined approach helped me stay focused on school and not fall into the rugged pathway that many of my classmates chose to follow. Initially, I fell into the traps of negative peer pressure in high school. My life revolved around fun and excluded my schoolwork. There were two key events that sparked a dramatic change in my outlook on my life. The first was a friend, someone I idolized for her beauty, popularity. Her life came to a standstill when she couldn’t attend her graduation with her classmates because she did not focus on her schoolwork. This made me realize that graduation was not achievable on the route that I was following. Second was the death of my grandmother. My grandmother’s passing due to inadequate health care access and treatment reminded me that I have a purpose in life, to impact others through health care. Despite the ridicule I received for my decision, I immediately separated myself from those whom I considered friends, and began to focus on my future.

My mother’s meticulous, creative, yet humble parenting style had a big impact on my personality. She emphasized giving back to the community. She taught me how to be Purposefully Pretty. I have accomplished this in many ways, including my current involvement with Purposefully Pretty, mentoring various undergrads, volunteering at SBHOME (a free student run clinic), being heavily involved with SBU SNMA and so much more! In the future, I would like to have an organization where we speak at various schools or shelters and give out care packages (i.e. hygiene products, food, school supplies etc.). I also plan to pursue a MPH degree to get more involved community from a health perspective.

Being Purposefully Pretty is not defined by the amount of money you make, your status in life, or how beautiful you look. I personally think that I AM PURPOSEFULLY PRETTY because I continuously strive to fulfill my passion, inspiring others. You too can be Purposefully Pretty. Stay focused! Be positive! Don’t be afraid to ask for help! And most importantly, encourage and share your knowledge with others!