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PurposefullyPretty presents the “Dream, Plan, Pursue Luncheon”

Since the year has come in, #PurposefullyPretty has abided by the motto of “DREAMING, PLANNING & PURSUING our goals! Join us in August 16th as we seek to spread this movement at our “Dream, Plan, Pursue” luncheon. At this luncheon, we will hear from 3 very impactful women that had a dream, created a plan and had faith enough to pursue their goals! We will hear from breast cancer advocate and Molloy College graduate Ayesha Desir; Founder & Executive Director the Queen Geniuses Empowerment Conference, Regine Roy; and CEO of the Catol Maraj Foundation & Mother of Queens rapper Nicki Minaj, Carol Maraj! Reserve your ticket today for a low price of $15. To reserve your ticket contact us at Spread the word to everyone you know! #Purposefullypretty hopes to see you at this very inspiring event!

Monique Marshall is PurposefullyPretty

The community is where my purpose evolved. Education has been an important factor in everything I do, thanks in part to the values instilled within me by my parents, Jamaican immigrants who were not afforded the same opportunities. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a Nurse; I admired the profession’s ability to provide care and maintain someone’s quality of life, however, upon pursuing the field, I was unhappy and decided to switch my career path. During the summer of 2010, my employer encouraged me to volunteer abroad to which I decided to devote time to assisting the elderly in Cartago, Costa Rica. The experience was amazing and I came back home with an entirely new passion for community work. During the following semester, I enlisted in a Nutrition course and fell in love with the information as well. With just one year left to complete my degree, I decided to switch my major to biology and further pursue a career in Dietetics/Nutrition. My goal was to graduate as soon as possible and apply to graduate school within one year of completion. In addition, I began volunteering on a recurring basis, even on vacation! Community work became an integral part of me, it was a fulfilling hobby. In order gain a greater outlook on the field of nutrition, I volunteered my time teaching elementary school students the basic concepts of nutrition and how to prepare nutritious snacks. Not long after, I began conducting healthy cooking demonstrations at local supermarkets in the Bronx. As I moved closer to graduation, I obtained a position as a dietary aide at the New York Hospital Queens, thereby gaining experience and insight into the profession. Not long after, I came to the realization that my purpose was to become a Community Registered Dietitian thus combining my passion of community work and love for nutrition. Within a year of completing my degree, I was accepted to D’Youville College, located in Buffalo, NY, to pursue a combined bachelor/master’s degree in Dietetics and minor in health services administration. Soon after, I traveled to Salvador, Brazil and taught basic education principals to first grade students. Today as I pursue my purpose, my goal is to educate residents of various communities, specifically those of no or low income, how to eat healthy, maintain their well-being and counsel those with existing conditions. In the future, I would like to further extend my aspirations by practicing in a clinical management setting alongside infants. Furthermore, as a teen, I was mentored by an exemplary woman who continues to support and offer guidance today; I would like to pass on the torch and be a mentor to other women, whether it be young or old, in an effort to create more success in our communities. With the support of family, friends and my faith of god, my journey to fulfilling my purpose has been a great one which I embrace every step of the way. I have met amazing people, ventured to great places and expanded my knowledge far more than I could have ever imagined. I am excited about the experience I have gained so far and all that is to come. I encourage young adults to take chances and devote time to community work and volunteering, for it is there you may find something within yourself, whether it be a skill or joy, that may help you find your purpose as well.