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Tiffany Victoria is PurposefullyPretty!

Hi ladies! My name is Tiffany Victoria Williams, and I want to remind you that each and every thing that you go through happens for a reason and for a purpose.

For as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to help and teach young people. I realized my purpose very early in life. At age fourteen while working with my Sunday School class I discovered that I was more passionate about youth development than anything else in the world.

Now as a Program Manager at the YMCA I look back and reflect on every step that helped me get to where I am. I didn’t wait for opportunities to fall in my lap, but I actively and passionately pursued my purpose.

My advice to you would be to decide what you love to do more than anything else, and let your passion drive you. I loved to help young people before it was my career.
I want to make sure every young person has the chance to succeed no matter there background. I know its important for our community to be empowered financially, inspired by education and united for success, and I have dedicated myself to that work.

It wasn’t easy, I often heard I was too young, or too inexperienced- but that never stopped me, and don’t let it stop you either. I have already lead an organization, served on boards and supported hundreds of families in need, all because I started too young! Ladies, keep pushing and perfecting what you are passionate about, the possibilities are endless!