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Debbie Bello is PurposefullyPretty

My name is Deborah Bello, born and raised in Brooklyn to a loving family whom I wouldn’t trade for any other. I accredit the individual that I am today because of the amazing grace, nurture, and support from God and my family. When my grandmother and her daughters immigrated to New York following my grandfather’s tragic death, the new culture and language delivered many hardships. Some of which have been financial burdens that we still face today. Thankfully, that has never stopped us in working hard to achieve our dreams and it is a work ethic I have come to wholly embrace. Time and time again I have witnessed my single mother struggle to pay the mortgage while balancing a full-time job and a nursing degree. Her desire to continue on learning and aiding the community has always been an inspiration to me. Through the aid of the Posse Foundation Full-Tuition Leadership Scholarship, CHCI Scholarship, and generous school grants, my mother (with reluctance haha!) let me study across the country here in the University of Southern California.
Being across the country away from home for the first time, I held fears of the unexpected in regards to people, my career choice, finances, and most importantly my relationship with God. I realize now just how unnecessary and unrealistic it is to excessively doubt and worry of the future when life is meant to be enjoyed in the present! I recently became an Intervarsity Christian Trojan Fellowship Leader on campus after being apprenticed, and continue to lead bible studies in the dorms. I love encouraging others to approach life optimistically and wish to help my community in the way God calls me to. Currently, I am freshman majoring in Animation and Digital Arts where I am discovering the endless possibilities of expressing movement. As a young girl I yearned to be a game designer because I was always enthralled by the visual beauty that entices people like me to explore these imaginary worlds and storylines. Besides, anybody loves a fun game! My biggest dream is to use my animations or future games to inspire children to creatively use their talents for good, such as designing games for the blind. Its organizations such as PurposefullyPretty that I admire greatly for their dedication to being the difference this world needs, so thank you ladies! Always remember to stay strong in God, enjoy life and no matter what, be happy!


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