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G.T.A for the months of July/ August Kameeka, Krystal, Kizon & ASOM Designs

Kameeka Burke is PurposefullyPretty because of her drive to make something beautiful out of something so simple as a piece of wood and acrylic paints.” I came up with the idea of Afro State of Mine Designs while I was bored in class and figured I could use a bit of a side hustle since times are hard. But talking with my two best friends from high school, Kizon & Krystal, it turned out to be something more than a side hustle. It was a chance to let my creativity show and to grow in the arts. Something that has been seriously lacking in schools nowadays. ASOM was created to show a mix of cultures and art forms, in hand painted, drawn, or collective fabric form that we come up with as a group or individually. I want ladies to embrace their own natural creative sides and I am more than welcome to show them how, should they ask. Furthermore, I graduated in May 2012 with my Bachelors in Psychology. With that I gained my ultimate career goal of becoming a youth counselor. I currently take time to volunteer with New York Cares so that I can learn about all aspects of youth problem and how to help them deal.”

Krystal Miller is a graduate student at Adelphi University working on working on getting her Social Work license (LMSW) as well as her clinical license (LCSW). “One day I’ll have my PhD in Black Studies but my focus now is on the development of young people of color. Find me in the high schools. Find me in the after school centers. I’m happy to educate and have fun doing it.” Krystal is also one of the founders of ASOM designs. “When I think of ASOM Designs, I think of 3 beautiful women of African-Jamaican descent who are educating our customers in style. Each adinkra and each symbol has a meaning and if it sits in your soul and talks to YOUR purpose, then you should rock it! Let us help.”

Who is Kizon? “Well thats a good question because I’m still getting to know myself everyday more and more. It took me a long time to except myself, looks and all. Everyday after thanking God for another day, I look in the mirror and remind myself that I’m still beautiful. I remind myself that I have a great purpose, that I’m an example. Not only to my younger sister but to my peers and my future chil-dren. I wear many hats besides daughter and sister. I’m a therapist, a mentor, a comedian and a disciplinary. An old soul with a young body; the one in the group with the gritty sense of humor.
Kameeka, Krystal and myself start ASOM designs with the intent and purpose of not only creating jewelry and mak-ing money but to reminding other women of different background that they are also beautifully unique in their own way. We might have just started but I know there are great things in the works for ourselves and the company. We all come from different backgrounds but we have come to know each other as sisters”.

Check out this great jewelry line at and on Instagram @asomdesigns.