Shantay Carter– CEO on Women of Integrity Inc. is PurposefullyPretty

Our June G.T.A is a compassionate leader who strives to empower women in our community through her organization, Women of Integrity (WOI). Shantay Carter continues to lend her knowledge and talent to the community through community work and mentorship and we applaud her efforts this month.

“My name is Shantay Carter and I am the Founder of Women Of In- tegrity Inc. I am a Registered Nurse, so it’s in my nature to want to help people. Through my work as a nurse, I have been able to work with many different populations. As a result, I realized that many young girls lack self- esteem and are often misguided. I created Women Of Integrity Inc., to be able to help these young women and be able to give back to my commu- nity. Our goal is to empower and educate women of all ages and ethnici- ties. I believe that what you put out in life, is what you get back, therefore you should always put out positivity. I recently received the Wholeness Of Life Award from my job, for my work as a nurse and my work with Women Of Integrity Inc. WOI recently held it’s 3rd Annual Prom Dress Giveaway, where we received a Certificate Of Recognition from Mayor Wayne Hall of Hempstead. We believe we are destined for greatness, and that’s why both myself and WOI is PurposefullyPretty”.
“I am PurposefullyPretty because I believed in myself and in my dreams. My dream became Women Of Integrity Inc.”


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