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What’s Your Motivation?

A few weeks back, I went out to meet with a very honorable figure in our community, Safiya Bandele. I was so honored to be able to sit and talk to this great woman, who has empowered and assisted so many young women in achieving peaks of success. In the midst of us getting to know each other she asked me a question that I never really thought of. She simply asked me “whats your motivation?”. This may seem like a simple question to you but it really made me think. I know that I have a drive out of this world and am very ambitious. However, I never took the time to question what is my feul. Why do I want to be great? What causes me to wake up every morning and grind harder to make my dreams come true?
When I began to seek the answer for this question it came to me! My motivation stems from my childhood. Watching how hard my mother work to ensure that my brother and I would want for nothing was my motivation. Not only did I not want to see myself struggle as she did throughout the years, but I do not want to see her struggle for the rest of her life. I made up it my mind that if I work hard and diligently enough I could become successful enough to ease the load on my mother.
My brother also became my motivation. As his older sister I dont want to see him be anything less than great. I decided that if I lead by example and show him that hard work does pay off, he would follow my example.
Lastly, when I began the PurposefullyPretty organization and saw all of the different types of young women who became apart, they became my motivation. Many young women are not taught about purpose or being all that they could be at home. Some of the young women are taught this at home, but do not apply it unless they see someone lead by example. I made up in my mind that I would b that example. The young women of PurposefullyPretty are the reason why I will not slip up. They are one of the reasons why I work so hard and am so focus on my pursuit. I want to be an example to them that its okay to stand for something. It is cool to work hard toward something. By pursuing my career in medicine, I want to show them that even what they think is impossible is actually possible. We are able to be doctors lawyers fashion designers and entrepreneurs. Sky is the limit.

Now that you know my motivation, take some time to reflect on yours. Allow whatever it is you deem your motivation to be that fuel that pushes you into the direction of your destiny.

Strive to be PurposefullyPretty🌺

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Safiya Bandele is PurposefullyPretty!

Sister Safiya Bandele is the epitome of a PurposefullyPretty woman. She has identified and successfully pursued her purpose and is now helping young women like myself work to make our dreams a reality. Not only is she an alum of John C. Smith University, Columbia University and New York University, receiving her B.A is English and her Masters of Science; but also organized and served as the director for the Center of Women’s Development at Medgar Evers College. She organized this program in 1982 “to assist women in the successful pursuit of their academic degrees”. She directed the staff, interns and volunteers in addressing issues of family/domestic violence, parenting, self esteem and stress. She also taught in the Women’s Studies Department and delivered lectures locally, nationally and internationally on issues affecting women. Safiya Bandele has received dozens of awards for her academic and community work including
many “Outstanding Leadership” Awards.

Sister Safiya recently retired from Medgar Evers after 34 years of service. She is still recognized for her various presentations, community service and the impact that her work has had on so many women all over the WORLD. Safiya Bandele says: “My lifework has been deeply purposeful. My work reflected my mission – a commitment to women and girls – and I was divinely guided to fulfill that mission.”

Currently, “Sister Safiya” performs her one-woman show on the life and legacy of journalist and anti-lynching advocate Ida B. Wells Barnett – a great and important “shero” in African-American History.

Safiya Ellis Bandele is PurposefullyPretty!