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Understanding your Purpose

It is one thing when you have identified your purpose. Its an entirely different thing when you have understood why your purpose is what it is. This revelation didn’t dawn on me until our PurposefullyPretty outing last Saturday. The topic of discussion at this mixer was ‘Attraction or Distraction’. In this mixer we spoke about boys and how at times they can become a hinderance to our pursuit and fulfillment. While speaking on this topic I began to share with the girls my experience with being distracted. I told them all about the guy who became my distraction when I was many of their ages. I was very transparent with them. I told them how I became so distracted at a point n my life, that I almost aborted God’s plan for my life. When I saw their reaction to my story, I began to realize the impact that it had on them. Thats when it hit me! That was the moment that I realized that I didn’t go through that and other situations for me, but I went through it because one day, 6 yrs later I would run an organization filled with young women that would go through the same or similar things. My story would save some of them from making a decision that can blow their destiny.

It also dawned on me that even my pursuit and where I’m headed in my career is not for me. To be really honest, although I always wanted to be a doctor, I began to deter from it once I saw how much time and sacrifice it would require. I was content with becoming a nurse or Nurse Practitioner. However, my Pastor and close family members helped me understand that this is something that I have to do. There are so many little girls out there who have dreams that they may feel are to big. There are girls out there that may feel that the path that they want to take is too hard or even impossible. It will take a young woman like me to tackle something so big; to show the young woman of PurposefullyPretty and all over the world , that NOTHING is impossible. I now understand that my pursuit is not for me. One day my story, my pursuit and eventually my accomplishments will inspire young women all over to chase there dreams. The world is yours. It’s just waiting for you to conquer it.

Be PurposefullyPretty


Pursuing My Purpose; Beyonce Style

Ok so I’m a few days late, but how many of you tuned into the Superbowl this past Sunday night? Well I did, not because I was interested in the game, but because I was very interested in seeing my sister BEYONCE (in my head) bring the house down! And she definitely did not disappoint. As I watched her perform and saw how much effort she put into the performance, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. People can say what they want about Bey, but she is by far one of the most hard working, dedicated artists of our time. Whenever you see her in any form of entertainment; whether it is movies, albums and especially performances, you can see how much of her heart she puts in all that she does. Its not a secret that I am major Beyonce fan but my love for her doesn’t have much to do with her music and popularity. It’s because I notice her dedication. I admire her drive. Her success has inspired me. Watching her through the years, from Destiny’s Child, to her solo career to becoming a wife and a mother has proven to me that when you work hard and align with your purpose, sky’s the limit on what you can become. Beyonce’s pursuit or as you guys would say it, “her grind” is serious. She is the epitome of a young black woman who has defined her purpose and did everything she could to make her dreams a reality. Say what you want about Bey but she is a force to be reckon with, and I love her. She makes me want to work hard and grind harder to achieve as much success as she has in my field of purpose. In the words of my girl Kaija Malia, I plan to do everything in a “Beyonce kind of way”. I’m going to put my ALL in EVERYTHING that I do. That is the only way to succeed. How many of you are gonna adapt that attitude this year?!



Debbie DeAnna is PurposefullyPretty

Debbie DeAnna has possessed all of the qualities of a PurposefullyPretty young woman, making her our B.G.T.A for the month of February. Not only is she an alumnus of a very well known HBCU but she is now the owner of her very own boutique “DeAnna’s Boutique”. When Debbie was asked to give a synopsis on why she is PurposefullyPretty this is what she said:

“My name is Debbie “DeAnna” Young, a native of Queens, NY but now a resident of Charlotte NC. I attended Cardozo high school where I graduated with the lovely class of 2007. I then attended the historically black college, John C. Smith University. During my years at Smith, I became a member of the marching band and became the coach my senior year. NO! not a captain but a COACH! Dance has always been my first love but while attending a HBCU I began to fall in love with fashion. I ended up graduating from Johnson C. Smith University with my Bachelor’s in business marketing in May 2012. Even though my dream has always been to one day open my own dance school in Charlotte NC, fashion began to overtake that dream. My inspiration came from a trip to New Orleans where I was blessed to meet the lovely Toya Wright. She gave me the perfect word that helped me determine my destiny. “Do what u love, because when you love what u do you’ll never have a “job” “. Now I’m a owner of my own clothing store called DeAnna’s Boutique. At DeAnnna’s Boutique we sell women’s clothing and accessories. DeAnna’s has been a true success with a lot of ups and downs. I have cried tears of joy and sorrow, it has been a total blessing which I would never change for the world! For those of you who do not live in the Charlotte, NC area, you can shop online at my boutique at”