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Too Much to Loose

Have you ever heard of that saying 5 minutes of pleasure could cause you a lifetime of pain. Well I’ve come to confirm that this saying is completely true! When you are on the road to pursuing your purpose, you must be very careful of the choices and decisions that you make. Believe or not one wrong move can cost you everything that you have worked so hard to achieve. When your en route to your destiny, you will be a target to distraction. There will always be something to try to throw you off course; whether it is a guy, relational or family issues, or even financial struggle. Believe it or not, distractions even come as something that appears to be “good”. You could be on the brink of your big break and you meet what appears to be your Prince Charming. This form of distraction is meant to make you so consumed with what appears to be good for you that you neglect your pursuit. Me personally, am not perfect. I have not made all of the best decisions. I too have been one of “Prince Charming’s” victims and allowed distraction to overtake me at certain points of my life. However, as I have matured and achieved certain things over the years, I have come to realize that NOTHING is worth my purpose. I have come to far, achieved too much and have SO MUCH MORE to achieve to let anything take me off course. Please take this word from the wise; everything that looks good is not good for you. NOTHING is worth your destiny. Many of you have to much to loose. Think before making an abrupt decision. Weigh out your options and make sure that whatever decision you make is complementary to your destiny.

Strive to be PurposefullyPretty!


So You Want To Give Back?!

Happy Holidays to all my PurposefullyPretty readers! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got all that you wanted from good ole St. Nick 🙂 While you were all flooding the malls and online stores, I hope you all remembered the reason for the season. This holiday season reminded me that it is more imperative to be a blessing in the life of someone in need than to receive. Things were very different for me this Christmas. I came to the realization, that in order to uphold the title of a PurposefullyPretty young woman, I must understand the importance of giving back. While I normally spend the entire year deciding on which designer bag, shoes or vacation that I expect for as my gift, I spent a lot of this holiday season giving back. I conducted a coat drive, donated clothes and even gave money to the less fortunate people that I came across. Although Christmas is over, it is not too late to give back. Here are some ways:

-Get together with some friends to buy holiday presents for a family at a shelter.
-Hold a teddy bear or toy drive for children in need.
-Donate toys, suitcases, or clothes to foster children.
-Visit senior citizens at a nursing home.
-Organize a canned goods drive.
-Bring toys to children in the hospital.
-Visit the post office and answer some letters to Santa.
-Donate clothes to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other charity.
-Pack and hand out food at a local food bank.
-Keep a journal next to your bed so that when you can’t sleep or if inspiration strikes you at night you can jot it down before you forget. Start a blog site or organization to inspire others!!

Two very important figures in my life; my father and my Pastor have shown me by example of how important it is to be a blessing in life of another. Not only will it be a blessing to that individual, but it’ll be a blessing to you as well. Even if the person that you are giving back to does not appreciate or acknowledge what you have done for them, please understand that YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW! I am a living witness that an individual with a pure heart and good intentions will NEVER lack! Let’s go into 2013 making a difference! It’s nice to be NICE!

“In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” -Acts 20:35
Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed. – Proverbs 19:17

**Let’s live selflessly & Strive to be PurposefullyPretty**

Defining my Purpose

This past Saturday, the PurposefullyPretty organization had our second event in which we entitled “Defining my Purpose”. During this event the PurposefullyPretty volunteers and a group of young women between the ages of 11-20 came together to identify their purposes and devise a plan to accomplish them. For those of you who are unaware, “purpose” is defined as the reason in which something is created or in which something exists. During this event, I expressed to the young women of PurposefullyPretty that we all have a purpose. We are all somehow meant to make a difference in the life of another. The reason why we live is to define those purposes, pursue them and eventually accomplish them. Many people are aware that they have purposes but are unaware of what those purposes are. Other people know what these purposes are but are to distracted or afraid to accomplish them. During the event, the PurposefullyPretty team played games and did activities to help the young women come to terms with their purposes and set up a plan of how to pursue them. We even had two “visiting volunteers”, including a second year medical school student and a college graduate who were en route to pursuing there purposes; to help inspire the young women of PurposefullyPretty to go after there purposes.

In one of the activities, I asked all of the young women to close their eyes and imagine themselves 90 years old (40 years old for the younger women), content with their lives at that age and everything that they accomplished in there lives until that point. I then went around and asked everyone to reflect and express the things that they accomplished from there current ages to the age of 40 or 90 years old. During this activity the young women expressed there dreams, goals and aspirations without even realizing it. This activity proved to be a great way to have the young women identify what there passion lies. We all know that our purpose is usually found in our passion. After this and a few other activities, I asked all of the young women to define their purposes. I realized how much of an impact this event had when each of the young women were able to express to me what they believed their purposes were. I admonish all of my readers to try this activity!

During this event the PurposefullyPretty team asked the young women a series of simple questions that actually helped them in defining their purposes. For all of you readers who feel as if you have not yet defined your purpose, ask yourself these questions. It could possibly help gain an idea of where your purpose lies.

1. What makes you smile?
2. What are your favorite things to do?
3. Who inspires you the most?
4. What are you naturally good at?
5. What do people usually ask you for help in?

Please let today be the day you begin the pursuit to your purposes. Your life is null and void without one.


What we want vs. What we deserve

Have you ever noticed that what you want is never what you need? And what you deserve is never what you want? Well that has seemed to be my latest dilemma. I know when your weighing out what you want versus what you deserve you automatically think of relationships. And yes, most of the times that is the case; but there are instances where you want certain things in your life outside of relationships and deserve so much more.I have dealt with this even in my choice of career. When I finished college I told myself that I would go to a 17-24 month nursing program to become an RN. This was my plan and I was sticking to it until my Pastor reminded me of my REAL purpose. He reminded me that my intelligence and mental capacity was that of an MD. He reminded me that I should not settle for what I “want” but helped to realize that I should pursue what I deserve.

As I have previously stated, a majority of young women and even adult women deal with what they want vs. what they deserve when it comes to relational ties. In many cases, we fall for the wrong people, indulge in the wrong connections, deal with unnecessary things and build relationships with those who do not understand our value. We all want things that are no good for us. Many young women settle for what they want, or all they can get. These same young women don’t understand that what we want is not what we deserve. (I say “we” because I fall into this category as well) I can honestly say that even myself at some point or another in my life have lowered my standards and values for someone that I “wanted”. The idea of being in love or what I thought was love, kept me from pursuing my purpose and waiting for what I truly deserved.

All of the young women reading this blog post, please understand that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You do not have to settle in any aspect of your life. For those of you who WANT to find Mr. Right, God is preparing the “Mr. Right” that you deserve. Understand your priorities. When you are aligned with the will of God for your life, and are working to pursue your purpose, you will receive EVERYTHING that you deserve. Everything you want is not good for you or meant for you. Whether it be relationally, career wise or even when it comes to material possession. When you are patient and work hard, you will not have to fight or be subject only to what you want. Everything that you deserve will make its way to you.

“After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace will confirm, strengthen and ESTABLISH you”. 1 Peter 5:10

Just be Patient. Strive to be PurposefullyPretty💗

Jazamine Davis is PurposefullyPretty

Jazamine Davis, a native of Harlem is a mom, student and all around lover of fashion! Although Jazamine has always been quiet and to herself she has always been a lover of the arts in all forms. She began her PurposefullyPretty journey by creating her own t-shirt line, in which she called “Jesus, Biscuits and Bowz”. In an effort to spread the word about her t-shirt line, Jazamine created a blog in which she entitled “Hidden Gems”. This blog highlighted different women from different walks of life who where doing great things that were not noticed. Hidden Gems later evolved into her new blog “Purity Kinkz & Bowz”. PKB promotes purity, expresses the views of a young single Christian woman on a day to day basis, fashion and highlights Jazamine’s natural hair journey. Jazamine just recently renamed her t-shirt line “Preacher’s Kid”. Being the child of a preacher herself, Jazamine thought that it would be great to create a t-shirt line that young Christian children and young adults would be proud to wear (without vulgar graphics or language). Preacher’s Kid will officially be launching in March 2013 when PKB officially turns a year. Also in February 2013, Jazamine plans to launch the “More Than My Box” non for profit organization. She hopes team up with Youthbuild USA of the 5 boroughs to encourage and enlighten females on entrepreneurship and thinking outside of their personal boxes and being more than their “box”. Last but not least, Jazamine is in college and an active volunteer of the PurposefullyPretty organization.

Jazamine Davis is PurposefullyPretty!