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Making your Mark

Have you ever wondered how you would be remembered once you have passed? I’m sitting here in my room and my mind is running a mile a minute on this very question. I know you may be wondering why I’m thinking this way I’m so young and full of life. But you never know when your time on this Earth is up. Just recently, a very well known young woman in my community passed away as a result of a tragic car accident. This young woman was only 24 yearly old. As I attended her funeral today, I was so touched by the impact that this young woman seemed to have on everyone that she came into contact with. Not only had she been class president, prom queen and a high school and college graduate, but she was only two months away from receiving her Masters in social work. Everyone that spoke about her at the funeral expressed what a positive and ambitious young woman she was, How friendly she was and what an inspiration she had been to so many people that came into contact with her. She was a genuine person with a good heart.

From the time of the funeral until this very minute, I began to wonder how I would be remembered once the Father calls me back home. Will all of the hard work that I put in everything that I do be recognized? Will my accomplishments and dreams be an inspiration to another? Would I have made a difference in the life of someone who needed it? Will someone understand the purity of my heart and my intentions once I have gone on? Will I make a mark on this Earth? Although Ill probably never know the answers to these questions, I won’t stop my pursuit. I believe that we are all of this Earth to make a difference. We are all on this Earth to make a mark, if not on the world, in our community or in someone’s life. Paulina’s death made me realize that we are not on this Earth to be useless beings. We are all on this Earth to PURSUE, ACCOMPLISH, and INSPIRE. I pray that someone that reads understands that life is more that the unnecessary drama and trivial matters that we involve ourselves in. Life is meant to pursue and work your purpose so that when you’re time is up someone can say that YOU WERE HERE and that you did something to make someone’s life, your community or even this world a better place. You are more than capable. Make everyday count. Life is too short. Rest in Peace Paulina.

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So much to be grateful for

I am thankful for life. I am thankful for opportunity. I am thankful for a great family and amazing friends. I am grateful for all of the material possessions that I have. I am grateful for grace and mercy. I am so grateful for PurposefullyPretty. It is so easy for us to reflect on things that we do not have. I’m sure that all year long we complain about things that we wish we had. However, let’s take this day to highlight and appreciate everything that we have been blessed with. All morning I’ve texting everyone in my life to let them know how and why I’m thankful for them. You should try it! I am wishing ALL of my readers and subscribers a HAPPY, BLESSED, SUPER AMAZING THANKSGIVING! Enjoy.

A Friendly Reminder

Hey PurposefullyPretty Readers!!

There’s so much that I have baking in the PurposefullyPretty oven but I woke up this morning with one thing on my mind. PURSUING MY PURPOSE! I know, I know you guys get sick of me speaking about PURPOSE, DESTINY and FUFILLMENT, but we all were put on this Earth for one reason. I know that you think that you were put on Earth to reproduce, experience love or be the next world superstar, but you were all put on this Earth to fufill your purpose(s). God created us all with special gifts, talents, abilities and ideas. It would be an insult to him if we dont utilize everything that he has given us. In saying that, I’ve just come to remind you to not let your abilities go to waste. If you do not work your gifts while you can, you will live a lifetime feeling unfufilled and dealing with regrets. ITS A NEW DAY! Go out there today and make some things happen! Type up a business plan, go to an audition, apply for that job, study for that exam that will lead you on a path to your career! Go forth in the direction of your destiny and make all your dreams a reality! WORK YOUR GIFT and if you working it KEEP GOING!

PurposefullyPretty & Voting!

As you probably already know, tomorrow is election day. I have great hopes that all of you that are 18 years of age and older are going out there to vote for the person that you believe deserve to be President of the U.S. Those of you who do not plan to vote, shame on you! I’ve heard every excuse under the sun why one shouldn’t vote. “My vote doesn’t count”. ” They are going to pick who they want anyway”. “We (middle class) are going to loose with either candidate” “God has the final say no matter who is President”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on why they should or shouldn’t votem, and has been very vocal about it in the months leading up to this election. Well, now its my turn to be vocal!

I am a strong believer that God has the final say in whatever occurs in life and in this world. However, I do believe that my vote counts! Our forefathers fought so hard to give us the right to vote. Those before us made so many sacrifices and even risk their lives to gain this right for us. How dare we not take advantage of it?! This is a privelege that we earned as black people.
Why would we give all of the power and say-so to a group of people who may oppose us. Even if the candidate that I am voting for does not win this election, I feel great pride in knowing that I took advantage of my right. Go out in vote people. Make a difference! If you want change, take action and make that change!

Back Like I Never Left

Hey guys! It’s been awhile, I know. Things have been uber crazy for me. Not only am I working two jobs, prepping for my MCATs and trying to have a healthy social life, but I have been working on the transition of “PurposefullyPretty the blog” to the PurposefullyPretty non-profit organization. We’ve decided that it is more effective to outreach, teach and inspire in our actions as well. Please look for events and updates of the PurposefullyPretty organization on both the blogsite and our Facebook page;

I have a million things that I want to speak about. So many things are going on in the world around us. As for me, the last month has been so bittersweet. I’ve experienced, such good times and not so good times. I’ve had so many learning experiences. I’ve shed a few tears this past month and laughed until I cried :). I’ve had doors of opportunity open themselves for me. I even survived a HURRICANE!! In the last month I’ve learned, I’ve grown, I’ve lost and I’ve gained. I realized how blessed I am and gained even more appreciation for life. No matter what I experienced this last month, whether good or bad, I never lost sight of my purpose. I cried, but still worked toward my destiny. I partied, danced and goofed off with friends and still made necessary moves in order to fulfill my purpose. I watched the devestation that Sandy caused in our city, but refused to let the discouraging and depressing stories throw me off course. We must realize that NO MATTER WHAT is going on around us, we must stay on course. We all have a purpose in life, and despite anything that may occur in our lives or the world around us, our obligation is to fulfill those purposes.

–Strive to be PurposefullyPretty<3


Sapphira Martin is PurposefullyPretty!

As a PROUD alumna of Johnson C. Smith University, an HBCU in Charlotte, N.C, Sapphira E. Martin is making sure she leaves her mark in this world! Sapphira began her career in entertainment as a Promotions/Programming Intern at Emmis Communications. Every experience she has encountered working with different companies has been life changing. She has been extended the opportunity to work with various types of people including Radio personalities, reality television stars and magazine editors. Whether they are famous or not, networking and sharing news with different people is something Sapphira has come to love.

Struggling to find a steady job in the competitive world of entertainment, did not stunt Sapphira’s ability to rise above frustrations and challenges. After much thought, prayer,sitting home bored and encouragement from great friends and a beautiful mom, AllThingsSass was born! Inspired by bloggers such as Natasha Eubanks, Necole Bitchie,Claire Sulmers ,Christina S. Brown and MANY more, Sapphira E. Martin brings you a lifestyle and entertainment editorial blog, AllThingsSass.

Recently, Sapphira began a social media strategy #dippedinPINK4bc to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Just a regular girl from Queens, Sapphira’s sassy attitude has been her trademark since day one!