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We Want YOU to be apart (message from the PurposefullyPretty organization)

PurposefullyPretty wants YOU or that special young woman in your life to be a part of our great organization! PurposefullyPretty is an organization meant to outreach, teach and inspire young women from all walks of life. To make these young women come to terms with their purposes, elevate their mentalities and push them to go after their dreams. PurposefullyPretty will help young women in the community get into high schools and colleges find employment and extend opportunities to them that they may not have access to. In creating this program, we plan to target all women and young women from the age of 11-21. We will be training our young women on different things such as hygiene, health and wellness and other things that are imperative to a growing young woman. In addition, each young woman will be paired with a “big sister”; someone who can mentor and guide them as they transition from little girls to young women. All of our “big sisters” possess all of the qualities that a young PurposefullyPretty woman must have. Most of them are college graduates or in school pursuing their purpose. Many of the young women are blooming entrepreneurs, and are passionate about giving back to the community by means of mentorship and community service.

Thus far, there are three divisions of PurposefullyPretty. The first is the “Striving to be PurposefullyPretty” mentorship program. While participating in this program, each young woman will be paired with a big sister. This big sister will stand as a person that they can confide in and help them with the growing pains that all young women face. We ask that everyone that is a part of this program joins us every third Saturday of each month to discuss common issues that young women are faced with. Some of these issues include bullying, recognizing relationships, sex education and body image. The second division of PurposefullyPretty is the tutoring program. In this division, we will have volunteers who have committed to tutoring young women from middle school to their early college years. The final category of this organization will be the “Girls Taking Action”. This will be all of the community service events that we participate in. We will hold clothing and food drives, as well as participate in events such as “The Making Strides against Breast Cancer” walk and other community events.

Our first event will be the “Striving to be PurposefullyPretty” meet & greet in which all young women will meet and become acquainted with PurposefullyPretty volunteers. It will be taking place at 148-15 Archer Ave. at 4pm. We hope to see you there!


                                                                                                                                                                                                     Diamond Craig

                                                                                                                                                                                       Founder of PurposefullyPretty

A Cast of Black Beauties


Who got a chance to see Steel Magnolias last night? I did and was so proud to see a cast of such beautiful black women in the remake of this classic film. In case you didn’t know, Steel Magnolias was a film that was made in 1989. The 1989 version consisted of an all Caucasian cast. When I saw the strong, beautiful and influential women who were to feature in this version, I knew it was a must see. This movie made me laugh, cry and really drew me in and made me feel as if I was in the movie as well. Y.B.W see black women in a negative light on television and movies all the time. Because of this we look up to and desire to live the lifestyles of the women that we see arguing, fighting, walking over tables and throwing wine bottles at other women. It’s about time that we see black women in a positive light in entertainment. We are so much more than the way reality tv and entertainers portray us to be. If you havent seen it already, check out Steel Magnolia on Lifetime. It depicts the strength, beauty, class and grace that all black women can and should possess.

Get a sneak peak into the 2012 version of Steel Magnolias.

Nyeesha Thomas is PurposefullyPretty

ImageNyeesha Thomas is being recognized as the B.G.T.A for the month of October! At only 24 years old, Nyeesha is the founder & CEO of Heather N Becky Ent. & has become a very popular natural hair vlogger having over 3 million views on her vlog….

I asked Nyeesha to give more background on her current endeavors; here’s what she said:
“Heather N Becky Entertainment started when my best friend and I went on vacation last year. Our inner personality just came out and kept us laughing and joking and feeling comfortable as we were in Dominican Republic. It started off as a joke to keep us laughing and we said we was going to leave it in DR but once people saw footage from our vacation everyone absolutely loved Heather N Becky. Heather N Becky are two valley girls who host events ranging from birthday parties , fashion shows, to bridal showers but we are not limited to that we also do fashion makeovers, personal shopping , natural hair consultations , makeup , lashes , and many more. We aspire to one day host the MTV awards or BET awards and we are believing God that we will have our own TV show… This is our latest Video it explains us in our entirety

As for my Vlog

My YouTube channel started when I did my natural hair Big Chop and I just wanted to document the journey to inspire other beautiful women, because I was inspired to chop my hair. I never thought my channel would have so many followers , I didn’t think anyone would watch but is actually doing very well. Thank you to everyone that supports. My channel has evolved from just being about natural hair to me showing my life , Church, ministry (dance), family & friends and fashion.”

Nyeesha def. possess all of the traits that a young PurposefullyPretty woman stands for!